Thanks to my older brother, I learned to read before I started kindergarten, and I haven’t stopped. I spent 18 years as a newspaper reporter and editor and continue to do freelance writing and editing.

My educational background is in journalism, history, and geography. My nonfiction reading tends to gravitate toward these areas. I read a lot of historical nonfiction, biographies, media analysis, and geography as it relates to the impact of people on places and places on people. I’m also interested in issues of social justice and human rights, which inevitably requires an understanding of politics.

My fiction reading is quite varied. In addition to what we seem to be calling “literature” these days (which is to say non-genre fiction meant to be taken seriously), I enjoy reading mysteries, historical fiction and travel memoirs. I’ve recently discovered an affinity for fantasy and some science fiction, thanks to recommendations from friends.

I like most music, especially Americana/roots music and Bruce Springsteen, and I enjoy reading biographies and memoirs of interesting musicians and artists. A well-written book about how things work will always catch my eye.

I began reviewing books during my newspaper career, and have continued with this blog and on LibraryThing, the best website for cataloging your books and reading diary and finding recommendations to new books. I post my reviews here on my blog, tweet about them, and post them on Facebook and LibraryThing, where I am a member of the Early Reviewers group.


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