I’ve become a mooch — BookMooch, that is

A couple of months ago, I joined BookMooch, a Web site whose motto is “Give books away. Get books you want.” Members of the free service list their unwanted books for others to “mooch” for free. Mailing out claimed books from your inventory earns you points that you can use to “mooch” free books from other users. The only costs are for postage.

BookMooch logoAt the time I joined BookMooch, my intention was to pare down my library of approximately 1,200 books. (When I moved/downsized into my current 1-bedroom apartment in 2002, I had to choose whether to get rid of the books or the bed. Now my “bedroom” walls are lined with 7 bookcases and I sleep on the (very comfy) couch.) I have happily sent off 19 books to mooching readers all over the world (Germany, England, Scotland, Finland, Australia, Korea) and the U.S.

Unfortunately, all those BookMooch points were burning a hole in my Web browser, and I have mooched back 16 books (you can see a mosaic of covers of my recent Mooches over there on the left). To say that this defeats my original purpose is to belabor the obvious, so let’s just agree between ourselves never to mention it, OK? Thanks!

On the plus side, all those new books (new to me, that is) give me a fresh source for material for this here web log. So if you’re looking for ideas for what to read next, stay tuned for some fresh looks at books. See? I’m doing it for you! First up: Firehouse by David Halberstam.